Christlin Panneer

Polyglot Programmer with Specialization in .Net, Java, Angular, Xamarin, Android, iOS, UiPath, ML, SQL, DevOps, AWS & Azure from India. I spend most of my time on software system architecture and innovating system software.

What I Do

Software Engineer

Started software development as a hobby at the age of 15 (at 10'th Standard). I am developing softwares professionally for more than 9 years till now.

Experience Includes from conceptualization to delivery of 30+ Mobile Applications(android & iOS), 50+ Web Services (WFC and REST), 10+ Windows Forms Applications, 3+ ML / AI solultions, 5+ Web Applications and 1 Web Crawler.


Basically I'm a software engineer & I like to innovate things in my domain. I have a patent in solar energy sytem and method as well.

I have created 3 computer algorithms including a Lossless Text Compression algorithm with 80% compression ratio.

Cloud Administration

Have been working more than 9 years on the cloud platforms Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform with experience on cloud infrastructure security.

Cloud experience includes managing virtual servers, Relational Database Management Systems & virtual private cloud. Have expreience in Windows Server 2000 to 2019, Ubuntu, Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle.

Research & Development

I have spent a year staying aborad and did research on Opinion Mining and Presented the concepts in various research institutes.

Presented numarious ideas and prototypes about AI in fully automated software system to data scientists in Telecom Malaysia.

Completed research in the area of Artifical Intelligence with Deep Learning on Sentiment Analysis.


Tech Stack

Fun Facts

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